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About us


Since its creation, La Maison & Velier became an important player in the world of whisky, rum and premium spirits in France, Italy and abroad. With a rich portfolio of more than 30 brands, LM&V offers products from across the globe.

Established in 2017, La Maison & Velier was created to showcase the exclusive bottlings created and sourced by a team of passionate spirit lovers, headed by Luca Gargano of Velier (Italy) and Thierry Benitah of La Maison du Whisky (France). The company aims to share their combined expertise, discoveries, and unique perspective on fine spirits through a carefully curated brand portfolio.


Bring consumers the finest spirits the world has to offer.

Built on strong, long standing relationships with distilleries and key actors from the spirits industry who have become friends, LM&V has created an ideal environment for sourcing, selecting, and bottling a diverse range of spirits. These personal connections often spark the desire to embark on special bottling projects, while creativity and innovation act as core values driving our selections, whether it’s conceptualizing new product ranges or designing bespoke packaging for its brands.

Since its beginnings, LM&V has introduced various ranges of bottlings, including a large array of rums from diverse origins, whiskies, and other spirits. Each year, the company unveils limited editions and special ranges, celebrating the diversity of the spirit world.


Strong relationships

La Maison & Velier now stands as a respected player in the premium spirits market, both domestically in France and Italy, as well as internationally. With a diverse portfolio featuring over 30 esteemed brands sourced from around the world, LM&V offers a wide selection of unique products to spirits enthusiasts worldwide.Through its journeys and encounters, LM&V has developed strong relationships with small passionate producers and distilleries, working together to develop an exciting and comprehensive ranges of special products every year.