Through The Grapevine

With its 6 terroirs, its 271 domains, its 1.300 winegrowers-distillers, its 5.000 winegrowers and a unique know-how, the Cognac, internationally renowned spirit, is plenty of unrevealed gemstones.

The range Through The Grapevine was created to  unearth these raw jewels and reveal their full potential. A selection of casks and small batches of exclusives Cognacs, directly selected alongside passionated producers, having their own know-how, sign of quality and unique products.



The Transcontinental Rum Line is inspired by rum casks’ historical trips between the New World and the Old Continent. From the beginning of its production, rum has always been shipped to Europe for nautical, economical and technical reasons. 

Nautical, because it permitted to avoid stagnant water consumption during long transatlantic crossings.

Economical, since the angel share is lower and the rum matures more smoothly.

Technical, because the know-how of Cognac and Scotland’s cellar masters plus the diversity of barrels allowed to create unique expressions.



Created 7 years ago, the Artist range’s ambitious goal is to create a synergy between Whisky and Art. Between long and meticulous Whisky selection (distilleries, casks, age, abv) and graphic interpretation by a talented artist, each Artist collection is created during the first semester of each year. These limited editions express perfectly the vision at that time of Scotch Single Malt for La Maison du Whisky.

For this 7th edition, the Artist range evolve in the mystic. Its painter, Lino Di Vinci was inspired by the space travel in opposition of the daily routine.

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