River Antoine Estate owns 15 hectares of organically grown sugarcane. The cane is cut by hand and crushed by the last mill in the Caribbean still powered by a waterwheel, dating back to 1840. Operating without any electric power, using only gravity, the juice is transferred to metal pans known as “coppers”.


The River Antoine (or “Rivers” locally) estate is located on Grenada’s northeast coast near the river of the same name, in the town of Tivoli. It has been producing their rum since 1785.

Produced in very limited quantities with ancient and natural processes, the distillery remains unchanged over the passage of time and modernisation. Rum is made exactly the way it was centuries ago.

Rivers is bottled locally at two strengths: the overproof enjoyed by locals is guaranteed to be at least 75% abv (but may be higher depending on the day) and 69% or “flying proof” for travellers to take home.


River Antoine