SHAKARA is the latest creation from La Maison & Velier. It is a brand new 12 year-old tropically aged Thai rum that pays tribute to the long history of the culture of sugarcane in South East Asia.


The name SHAKARA comes from the Sanskrit word shakar.

It honours the long history of growing sugar cane in the Indochinese peninsula since the Neolithic Era.

SHAKARA is a great and accessible initiation to the aged rums of Thailand, a terroir that still holds many hidden gems.

SHAKARA is produced and aged in the central province of Nakhom Pathom, a fertile region with a tropical climate that greatly enhances the concentration of flavours in the distillate during its long ageing process.

A combination of high average temperatures and a humidity level between 60% and 80% concentrate the flavours of the rum, giving it a rich and deep palate, as well as a long and complex finish, due to an angels’ share that is much more important than rums aged in continental climates.


12 years old