Production of Clairin in Haiti remains predominantly artisanal: most of the producers work out of small distilleries, or guildives, dotted around the countryside, making Clairin for local consumption.

There are over 500 small distilleries in the countryside and the diversity of production of local spirit, called Clairin or Kleren, varies widely.
The Spirit of Haiti was founded in 2012 and works to celebrate the work of grower-producer guildives who produce Clairin Traditionnel.
Clairin Traditionnel designates heritage, non-hybrid varieties of sugar cane, chemical-free agriculture, spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast, batch still distillation and traditional production methods.


Based in Port-au-Prince, The Spirit of Haiti is proud to be the first company to bottle Clairin for the global spirit market.

We aim to offer opportunity and support to small producers of Clairin Traditionnel through sustainable business relationships and practice – with hopes of growing the category of exported Clairin to be celebrated both locally and on the global market.

The 5 single-village Clairins selected and bottled by the Spirit of Haiti reflect this diversity as much for the varieties of cane used as for the different fermentation and distillation techniques, while the Clairin Communal blend honours the Haitian motto of “L’union fait la force” (Strength Through Unity).

A never seen before aging program led to the aged bottlings labeled “Vieux”, perfectly embodying the expression of an aged Clairin for at least 3 years.