With our passion for Haiti, we now work to preserve it. As many natural processes have almost disappeared,
Clairin needs to be protected from the development of industrialization and standardization that is beginning
to arrive in the country. For these reasons we created a protocol to preserve those variables that highlight ‘the
differences that make the difference’ of authentic Clairin. To be considered a real authentic and artisanal
Clairin, it must respect the following points:

Agriculture, Sugarcane varieties have to be indigenous to Haiti and not hybrids. Sugarcane has to be totally organic, wild or cultivated in polyculture.

Harvest must be made by hand.

Transportation of the sugarcane to the distillery has to be done by animals.

Raw material, Juice must not be diluted with water to reduce the brix. Chemicals or acids must not be added to the juice (just citric natural juices) Syrup can be used, but has to be managed with same criteria.

Fermentation of the juice (or diluted syrup) has to develop with natural yeasts only, yeasts of the sugarcane itself. No selected yeasts are allowed in fermentation. Fermentation has to take at least 120 hours.

Distillation has to be done in pot still or small batch still with small column (maximum 5 plates) on top.

Final product– Clairin has to be bottled at strength of the distillation, with no dilution. Still proof.

Bottling must be done in Haiti.